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Baseball and Softball Training Lessons

Each one-hour session is only $45.

  • Mondays: 4-5pm - Hitting practice for anyone! Baseball or Softball
  • 5-6pm - Baseball pitching lessons for pitchers (7-12 years)
  • Tuesdays: 4-5pm - Becoming a Better Hitter using HitTrax Metrics! (Baseball or Softball)
  • 5-6pm - Fielding drills lessons for inner/outer fields & throwing techniques
  • Wednesdays: 4-5pm - Batting Practice for Anyone! HitTrax Hitting Metrics! (Baseball or Softball)
  • 5-6pm - Baseball for Beginners -All Skills Clinic
  • Thursdays: 5-6pm - Softball for Beginners -All Skills Clinic
  • 6-8pm - Catchers - Blocking, Receiving, and Throwing (Baseball or Softball)
  • Fridays: 5-6pm - Softball pitching lessons for pitchers (7-12 years)
  • Saturdays: 4-5pm - Beginner Skills and Drills (Baseball or Softball)
  • 6-8pm - Open hitting for $30/player (ages 8-12) By Coach Stoney Briggs
  • Sundays: 4-5pm - Beginner Skills and Drills (Baseball or Softball)

Pricing & Reservation

  • $45/ Class for group lessons
  • 10-packs available for $400 and expire after 6 months
  • For more individualized training, all sessions are limited to 4 - 6 players
  • Please reserve your space in advance. Walk-ins allowed, but with no guaranteed availability/entry into the class.

Email us for the reservation at [email protected]